Cool Cat Daddy Don Lynn Sr.

Don Lynn Matthews Sr. was born on 9/16/37.  He was the second of Amos and Bertha's six sons together.  Don attended Tyler College where he met and married Carolyn, his first wife.  Don lives in the Los Angeles area and has led a wonderful, interesting life.  He has been the subject of several books about his profession.  He is a licensed Orthopedic Technician and has designed and fit braces for some of Hollywood's most famous actors and actresses.  Don has four living children Don Lynn Jr., Donna Marie, Don Amos and Tony  Wynn.  His daughter Patricia Delaine "Sissy-Kate" Matthews (8/15/1964 - 5/2/1987) passed away at the age of 22.  Her brother, Don Lynn Jr., gave her the nickname as a toddler.  He never could say sister, so she became Sissy.  Of all the Matthews Men, Don is the gentlest and "coolest"...Rico!  Suave'!

Don and Carolyn and Don Jr's Angel     
Don Jr. with his children

Don Amos and Tony