Freddie Mae - Angel for Sadie, Gloria, Yvette, Elliott and Anita.      Elijah - The Angel for his family: Sadie, Gloria, Yvette, Elliottt and Anita.

Freddie Mae Price Richardson was born July 11, 1928 to the parentage of Mr. Freddie Price (1904 - 1947) and Ms. Bertha Mae Shaw (1905 - 1986) and passed away from us Monday, April 5, 2004 at approximately 9:20 pm.  Her passing has left a gap in the heart of our family that cannot be filled.

Being the eldest girl in the Amos Matthews-Bertha Shaw Price household, Freddie Mae had a wide assortment of duties to perform.  She cared for all of the brothers that came along after her.  They treated her with honor and maternal respect.  Freddie Mae was cherished as the Matriarch of our extended family from the death of her mother in 1986 to her own death in 2004.

She married Elijah "Potsy" Richardson Jr. (1926 - 1962) in 1948 and remained his wife until both he and she passed away.  To this union was born two daughters, Sadie E. Richardson and Gloria D. Richardson.  Freddie Mae was left to raise her two daughters alone after Elijah's death in 1962, and did a wonderful job.  She has left behind not only her daughters, siblings, cousins, a host of other relatives and friends, but also her three grandchildren (Yvette, Elliott Jr., & Anita) whom she cherished.

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Sadie Richardson Williams Allen and her son Elliott R. Williams, Jr. 1989          Gloria and the girls 7/2000  

 Sadie & Deanie 1976