The Matthews Ancestors:

On this page, you will find information gathered from different sources by the descendants of David and Sophia Matthews: Ms. Cleo Marie Crowder (Erma Roberson Staten -->Madie Matthews Roberson -->Wiley Matthews), Ms. Sadie E. Allen (Freddie Price Richardson -->Amos Matthews -->Wiley Matthews), & Ms. Cassandra Slider Farmer (Marie Blaylock Slider --> Anderson "Dee" Blaylock --> Martha Jane Matthews Blaylock Leonard)...all Great-Great-Granddaughters of David and Sophia.

According to the Federal 1880 Census, David Matthews was born in 1847 in Georgia...exactly where, we do not know. Sophia Jackson was born in 1852 in Texas.  David and Sophia were former slaves who met, were married and lived in Bastrop County, Texas.  To this union five children were born.  They were:

William Matthews (b. 1868)
David Matthews (b. 1871)
Martha Jane Matthews (b. 1873)
Wiley Matthews (b. 1876)  
George Matthews (b. 1877)

Very little can be found about William.  In fact no family member alive today remembers either he or David.  We don't know whether William died at an early age or moved from Texas.  It is possible that he moved as a young adult to Mansfield, Louisiana.  Investigations into that area will be done at a later date.

David, however, lived in Bastrop according to the 1910, 1920 and 1930 federal census.  Until access to the 1940 census is obtained, we have no record of his death.

George Matthews resided in Dallas, Texas until his death.  Not much is known about George, his progeny (if any exist), his life, etc...


Martha Jane Matthews Blaylock Craft Leonard lived and is buried in Bastrop, Texas.  She was the mother of numerous children of Blaylock, Craft and Leonard descent.  Her husbands and children are as follows:

Anderson Blaylock

Anderson "Dee" Blaylock
Willie "Drop-N-Jelly" Blaylock

Pledge Craft

Luther "Lux" Craft

Reverend John D. Leonard

John Leonard
Sophia Leonard
Isabella Leonard



This photograph of "Papa" Wiley Matthews was recently obtained.  We do not know the date of this picture, but he looks to be somewhere between 35 and 45.  He is the antecedent of our branch of the Matthews family.  Wiley Matthews was born July 25, 1876 in Bastrop, Texas.  This was eleven years after the news of the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation (Jan., 1863) reached Texas on June 19, 1865.  "Papa Wiley" Matthews married Ida Williams (parents Amos & Elizza Williams) in Bastrop, Texas.  Ida Williams Matthews died at an early age.  To this union, five children were born.  They were:
Bessie Matthews
Grace Mae
(unknown son)

Horace (Bubba) Matthews
(no known children)

Madie Matthews (husband Calvin Roberson)
A. J.
Calvin (Jack)
[Leotha & R. A.]

Amos Matthews (wife Bertha Shaw Price)
Amos Jr.
M. C.
Freddie Mae
Kathryn Odessa
James Edward
Don Lynn
Billy Glenn
Melvin Wynn
Ross Elmer
Cleamon Lee

Ida Matthews
Robbie Mae


Papa Wiley later married Eliza "Mama Liza" (unknown maiden name).  This picture of "Mama Liza" is undated.  To this union three known children were born.  They were:

Henry Matthews (b.1910)

Sophie (Sophia) Matthews
Verlie Jr.

Charley Matthews (wife Lottie Barnett)
Charlie Bess
Mary Jo
Lottie (Nell)

Papa Wiley Matthews also had another daughter, Jeanette Powell who still lives in Bastrop at this time.