Cleamon Lee Matthews (6/15/45 - 5/14/99) was the "baby" of the family and is missed greatly by sisters, brothers, sons, daughters, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, cousins, and friends.  Known as "Clem", "Baby Lee", and "Clemma Lee", Cleamon was known throughout the area as one of the best basketball players to ever come out of Jeanette Sanford High School in Itasca.  He and his older brother Ross Elmer were paired together as children and were the best of friends as adults.  Cleamon married Salena Howard in the late 60's.  To this union was born three children...Roddy, Toniki & Robby.  With Beverly...he fathered Alicia(5/11/75).  With Marletta McGill, he fathered the twins Darron Wynn and Jarron Lynn (03/21/1986).

Alicia Matthews      

Darron Wynn     Jarron Lynn

Cleamon Lee loved to sing and did it daily.  He was a member of a successful singing group "Extra Rich (in Soul)" comprised of his brother Melvin Wynn, two cousins Nathaniel & Billy Jarman, and a family friend Phil.  Cleamon Lee also loved anything concerning basketball.  He taught all of his nieces and nephews the finer points of the game.  He played neighborhood "pick-up" basketball games until his untimely death in 1999.

Cleamon and Beverly in love.