Amos Jr(1926-1987):

Amos Jr. & Doris

     Amos Matthews Jr. was born February 24, 1926 to the parentage of Amos Matthews and Lula Mae Haley Matthews.  Amos was the first-born of Amos and Bertha's blended family.  His childhood nickname was "Snookum".  He was the boyhood friend of Elijah "Potsy" Richardson who married his oldest sister, Freddie Mae.  Amos married Doris Louise Miller (b. 1931 - d. 2003), daughter of George and Arie Allen Miller of Grandview on June 1, 1948 in Cleburne.  To them were born eight children:  Patsy(1949), Brenda(1951), Ronald(1953), Janis(1955), Terri(1957), Lisa(1963), Argenette(1966) and Stella(1967).  Amos Jr. had many occupations while supporting and raising his family and his legacy grows on in his 8 children, 31 grand children and 53 great grand children.

Amos Jr. passed away from us in November of 1987.  Within months of his death, his beloved brother M. C. passed in January, 1988.  They both fought valiantly against Cancer.  His beloved wife, Doris Louise Matthews passed away from us recently, April 4, 2003.  We love, cherish and celebrate their lives and  memory.